10/10/29 NEMAS is Dead

Dear Punk rock lovers, A few weeks ago we recieved the unfortunate news that Nisse and Joel won´t be playing with NEMAS anymore, this is their own decision all together but there is absolutely no hard feeling amongst us. NEMAS had five good years but with two members leaving we feel that we are done with NEMAS but we sure as hell are not done with punk rock!

We will play the shows that we have booked and then we will probably book a totally awesome last gig before the era of NEMAS is over.

We wan´t to take the moment to thank everybody who helped us, came to our shows, payed for our booze, booked us, who let us crash on their floors, fed us and so forth.

Martin, Viktor and I (Jonathan) will stand our ground and will continue playing but with a new name that is yet to be decided! We are because of this on the lookout for a second singing guitarist that is willing to really go for it! New records will be recorded and more tours filled with chaos will be made!

If you are up for it or knows someone that you think will fit let us know!

Let´s get wasted
Cheers, prost, skål!


10/09/20 A Dark day for Sweden

Yesterday's elections showed clearly that Sweden is not unique in Europe, we let in a party in parliament, which has clear links to neo-Nazi values and contempt of the people seeking help and refuge in Sweden! We in NEMAS do not support this and will now plan the actions that show our support and sympathy with people who are in distress. We will do everything in our power to challenge these retrograde and will fight to the last man before the amoebas get more power in Sweden. Now we demand that all parties including the Conservatives are taking a joint decision to freeze out SD from political decisions. Meet them in the debate but to dismiss them in the decisions!

No Pasaran!

10/08/27 Something, something dark side!

Was kifft punk rockers?

Summer is soon over and NEMAS heads back down in the basement continuing writing new songs for what will hopefully be our sophomore album in a not to distant future!

Nisse announced a temporary but not yet determined hiatus from NEMAS last week. We support his decision and welcome him back when he is ready!

We also would like to thank Phlegmatix for an awesome tour this summer, I think I can speak for everyone in NEMAS when I say we all had a blast! Also a big thank you to all the promoters and venues that treated us very well throughout the tour! And last but not least the awesome crowd and all the great people we met during our journey!

That's all for now I think!

10/06/29 It´s on!

Oh it´s on alright!

Hopefully this is the final schedule!
Hope to see you!

10/06/07 The Awsome Escape Tour 2010!

That's right people, this summer we will hit Europe once more with our friends from Lübeck punkoutfit Phlegmatix. This tour will take us thru Sweden,Germany and the Check Rep. All dates are not confirmed yet so expect changes and keep yourself up to date!

2010/07/28 - Glada Ankan/Karlstad w/Phlegmatix
2010/07/29 - TBA/TBA w/Phlegmatix
2010/07/30 - Sailors Grave/Södertälje w/Phlegmatix
2010/07/31 - Showdown/Göteborg w/Phlegmatix
2010/08/01 - TBA/Hamburg w/Phlegmatix (D)
2010/08/02 - TBA/Berlin w/Phlegmatix (D)
2010/08/03 - TBA/Prague w/Phlegmatix (CZ)
2010/08/04 - Kuckucksnest/Berchtesgaden w/Phlegmatix (D)
2010/08/05 - TBA/München w/Phlegmatix (D)
2010/08/06 - TBA/Bayreuth w/Phlegmatix (D)
2010/08/07 - Dr Rock/Lübeck w/Phlegmatix (D)


Hope to see you!

10/06/02 Here fishy fishy!

Our song "Alcohol" will be on the "Sounds Fishy vol 1" compilation (hey punk! records) together with some other really great bands, such as Lastkaj 14, Trevolt, En Svensk Tiger and more. This compilation will be available to purchase here at nemasonline.com and thru our myspace and at shows. check it out!


And if your not a member yet, join our friggin fan page at facebook, you know you want to:


10/05/17 Back from tour!

We are back from our mini tour, we must say that this tour went pretty well. No broken vans, although some shit got lost but not anywhere near as retarded as the tour last year. NEMAS had a blast and would like to thank everybody who showed up. Special thanks to:

Klubb PT crew
Rockstue crew
VeB crew
Bara Rock crew

and a special special thank's to
Phlegmatix and Civilisationen!

see u guys soon!


10/05/12 Next stop: Booze cruise!!

Last minute changes!

We replace the show in Aalborg (DK) with a show in Odense (DK) instead, at Rockstuen. Come check us out and have a beer with us!

For Helvede Mads mini Tour 2010

10/05/12 - Klubb PT, Varberg
10/05/13 - Rockstuen, Odense (DK)
10/05/14 - VeB, Lübeck (D)

And if anyone wants to book us on the 15th of May, please contact:


10/03/12 Next stop: Stibergstorget, doors open on your right!

NEMAS has been asked to support Street Dogs (US) on May 4th in Gothenburg
The show will take place at Henriksberg (takterassen) and the tickets are 90sek.
Available thru: www.ticnet.se
There's no way you're missing this one, right?!

Support the scene:

10/02/12 For Helvede Mads Mini Tour!

Some new shows booked and also confirmed tourdates

10/05/07 Klubb Hellmer - Falun

Here are the dates for the upcoming mini tour.

"For Helvede Mads" tour
10/05/12 Klubb PT - Varberg [SWE]
10/05/13 Rock Cafeén - Aalborg [DK]
10/05/14 TBA - Lübeck [GER]
10/05/15 Gottwalds - Ängelholm [SWE]

Also please visit our new online shop and take a look at our t-shirts.

Have a good weekend!

10/02/04 Gigs keep rolling in!

NEMAS conquest of Sweden continues, 2010 is definitely suiting up!

Here are the dates:

10/02/19 - Rocksyndikatet (pub Babar) - Tranås
10/02/26 - GT Sportsbar - Ronneby
10/05/12 - Klubb PT - Varberg

So that´s three new cities we´ve never been in, so lock up your beer and hard liquor cuz NEMAS is coming to town!

Over and out

10/02/02 A webshop!

We have now created a webshop for you to go bananas in!
We got two new prints for t-shirts!
We're are also playing here in Gothenburg on Sticky Fingers this friday (february 5th), be there!

We also created a facebook page for our band, check it out at www.facebook.com/nemasonline and become a fan of us.

10/01/18 Some kind of news

We´ve got some new shows booked for 2010!

10/04/30 - S2/Borlänge, Sweden
10/05/01 - Club Ba'rock/Lindesberg, Sweden
10/05/13 - Rock Caféen/Aalborg - Denmark

We are also planning a mini tour for south of Sweden and Denmark in 2010. We still have some available dates (14-15) So if you want NEMAS at your party/club/Bar or Bat Mitzvah or any other occassion worth celebrating with tons of alcohol and furious punrock just drop us a line. We are cheap and will do almost anything for a drink!

Book us:marcus@rascal.se


09/12/22 Gin shots and what nots (New shows!)

Greetings fiends and foes

Slam down your egg nogg cuz NEMAS is back.
We have some shows to do in the beginning of next year and here are the dates:

10/02/05 - Sticky Fingers (GBG) 10/02/06 - Backstage (SKÖVDE) 10/02/13 - Klubb Roxx, Metz (LJUNGBY)

So keep checking back for more showdates and have a shitty x-mas.

the grinch

09/12/15 That is so 2009!

2009 was a great year for NEMAS, we got to release our first album and go on our first (but not last) european tour! Many more of both things to come, I can promise you that!
We got loads of shit in the pipeline for 2010 and hopefully something will come out of all the ideas that have been thrown in to the punkrock bouillabaisse ( yeah, I had to look that word up) that is NEMAS. we are currently planning shows for Sweden and also a new european tour, a long side from that we are writing new material and forgetting about it the next day.

And if you want a short but adrenalin filled gift for someone you love or hate, check out this bad boy! (it's not a Danny Devito actionfigure)
Danny Devito Action Figure

So if you want to book us(we are cheap - very cheap indeed): write this guy a couple of lines and we will probably show up! elpresidente@rascal.se

say hi to your mom from me!

09/11/09 NEMAS - Back from Europe in one piece!

Allright, we're back!

So the last two weeks probably were the fastest two weeks of our lives, but to sum it up i'll quote the ramones:
Touring is NEVER boring.

Now when we're back with debts up over our heads, we got to work and shit like that to pay of all creditcard bills and stuff, but after getting a taste of the good life provided by punk I guess we'll hit the road a.s.a.p. We have some shows planned in Sweden next year but we'll get back to that later on.

I also want to say thank you to everybody who helped us out during the tour aswell as all bands we've played with and and all the great people out there in Europe that we got to meet, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


09/10/22 NEMAS - Lost In Europe 2009!

Time to pack the van and head out on the first but not last european tour.
Bruno is set, we are psyched as hell and we're going to turn mainland europe upsidedown, that's a promise.
You can follow our adventure via our blog tour.nemasonline.com
We will try to document it as well as we can, and update you daily hopefully.

see ya!

09/08/25 Report from the weekend

We played at Pretzeltown and had a blast. Unfortunately our van broke down on the way home so we had to struggle with walking by foot, taking buses and trains to get home. A trip that should take around six hours ended up in an eleven hour journey. But it’s all good. The van is gonna purr like a kitten once again. We also added two shows for our European tour. One in Copenhagen and one in Aalborg! Now we are looking forward to play support for Troublemakers the fifth September.

09/08/05 New show!

Fucking great news!

We've been asked to support legendary swedish punkband Troublemakers when they release their 7th album "Made In Sweden".
The show will take place at Sticky Fingers Top floor on september 5th 2009. You can get your tickets at:

Support the scene!


See you all there!

09/08/04 Bruno for rent!

Are you planning a tour or a show out of town? Do you need transportation?
You can rent “Bruno” the van. He is comfortable and well equipped. You can put up to 6 persons and backline and still have a pleasant trip. Bruno can be found In Gothenburg. For more info about Bruno and when he’s available for rent please check out

Bruno´s Myspace

09/07/03 Bruno!

So summertime brings out the best in us in the "sucking at updating our website" department. Well here are some news for you NEMAS crawing punk rock fans out there.

We finally bought a new tour van after our manager wrecked the first one last year. R.I.P whitey and let us introduce Bruno!

Fully equipped with discolights inside and a confederate flag in the back...

So with a chevy van and a johnny rebel flag we can proudly announce ourselves as being hardcore white trash.

That´s all for now, hope to have more sweet news shortly

And oh, don´t forget to buy our album cuz since we bought a new van we are now officially broke. If you wanna try before you buy listen to it on Spotify.

09/06/01 World Premiere of the video for Backstreets of london!

Hey punk rockers

You can now watch our brand new video below! Please let us know what you think.

And don´t forget to buy our new album that are available in stores NOW!


Yesterday our debut album was released and you can order it HERE
If you live in USA, order it from INTERPUNK
You can also buy from Itunes Store
Or if you got Spotify, you can listen to the whole album! Click here

We also got another show booked here in Gothenburg in October.
It’s on Club Slacker together with The Liptones.
See ya!

09/05/12 European Tour in the making!!

NEMAS will be hitting the roads to mainland europe this fall! Here are the confirmed dates:

09/10/27 - Subway to Peter, Chemnitz - Germany
09/10/30 - Propolis, Innsbruck - Austria
09/10/31 - Rockhouse, Salzburg - Austria
09/11/01 - Gugg, Branau - Austria
09/11/02 - Ann & Patt´s, Linz - Austria
09/11/03 - Szene, Wien - Austria
09/11/06 - Chliv, Ostrava - Czech Republic

We are of course interested in booking more shows so if you know of some place around these areas please send an e-mail to our booker elpresidente@rascal.se
We will update you as more shows are booked.

Until next time!

09/05/09 New song on Myspace!

With only six days left until our debut album reaches the stores we decided to have a little weekend treat for you guys out there so we uploaded another song on myspace that you can listen to here.

The song is called originality, listen to it and mosh the hell out of your living room!

And if you havn´t pre-ordered the album yet, do it now: Click me

Until next time

09/04/26 A little short update regarding our release party May 20th!

When: Wednesday May 20th, the doors will open at 21:00
Where: Ballroom , bottom floor of Henriksberg
Fee: 60kr, and you got to be 18 years old!

Steve and the alcoholics will also be performing!
Check them out Steve & the Alcoholics
Keep on pre-ordering our debut-album!
See ya!

09/04/14 New press-pictures

We've uploaded some new and more up to date press-pictures for you!
Taken by our friend Niklas Hjelm
You can find them in the media section, see ya!

09/04/09 Promotion deal with Triada Promotion!

We are glad to announce that we've signed a promotion deal with Triada Promotion concerning the release of our debut album "If we could play faster, we would" We hope that this will raise some attention to the release and that more people will have the opportunity to rock out to this great album. Please visit www.nemasonline.com and pre-order your copy of "If we could play faster, we would" NOW!
For more info on Triada

We are also now booked to Pretzeltown Festival in Södertälje in august.

c ya/

09/04/05 - Hey!

We have shitloads of news for you!
First of all, we are releasing our debut album “If we could play faster, we would”.
It contains 9 songs and 22 minutes of intense melodic punk-rock! Exactly how you like it! The album will be released on our very own record label Plunk records and distributed by Sound Pollution Distribution all over Europe. “If we could play faster, we would” will be out Friday May 15th, and if you live in Sweden you can pre-order it now! The price is 99SEK + 29kr shipping.

Just click on the link, fill out the forms and you'll get your copy in your mailbox on the release date. For pricing outside of Sweden follow the link and pick the country you live in and you´ll see; http://www.bengans.se/popup/nemas_if/se.aspx?language=se

If you want to do it old school and pick it up in a store, just bring it on! Ask your local record store to order it for you! We’ve also put up two of the nine songs from the album on MySpace. It’s a new recording of “Backstreets of London” and a brand new song that I bet you haven’t heard before called “NEMAS UNITED”.
Click here to have a listen and if you like what you hear, pre-order our album!
Beeing the crazy party animals that we are we would also take the opportunity to invite you all to Henriksberg here in Gothenburg on Wednesday May 20th for a release party that will make all other release parties redundant!

You don’t have to think about being hung-over at work the next day since it’s Kristihimmelfärds dag which is a red day = no work. There will be plenty of time to drink beer and party like there’s no tomorrow. It will be possible to buy the debut album there if you haven’t already and we will also bring our t-shirts and some other surprises for you! More information about this will come soon.

That’s all for now, and please continue voting for us to play West Coast Riot´09 here in Gothenburg, it would be awesome. We’re still struggling in the top thanks to all of you! Surf in to http://www.westcoastriot.se/onskaartister.asp and fill in NEMAS in all three fields, fill in your email and confirmation code and “skicka in”.
Then you’re all good to go!

See you all at the next show


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